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Momen Shaweesh

Pop academic music video receives the Short Tiger Award 2023

30. May 2023

Momen Shaweesh, a student in the Bachelor of World Music program at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, is a Palestinian performer, composer and music producer born in Syria in 1995. He was awarded the Short Tiger prize for the track "Oud Tech" from his 2022 solo album "Mersal", from the short film "Long Time No Techno".

Titled "Oud Tech", it combines, with traditional Arabic and Turkish musical instruments such as oud and kanun, classical Arabic music with techno beats and new wave style, in a meaningful and danceable way.
Media artist Eugenia Bakurin from Kiel receives the cash prize for her experimental video "Long Time No Techno." The film shows dance moments from children's films of the 70s and 80s that provide a glimpse into a carefree time. These scenes serve as illusions of a time that has since passed. It is the memory of a lost childhood of two countries shaped by war.
For the 13th time, the joint short film initiative of FFA and German Films presented the SHORT TIGER AWARD to the best short films for the cinema. The two SHORT TIGER winners receive earmarked prize money of 5,000 euros each for new projects and a contract with a short film distributor who brings the films quickly and easily to the cinema. The award-winning films premiered at Filmfest Dresden in April 2023 as part of the NEXT GENERATION SHORT TIGER 2023 program. On May 23, the experimental music video will make its first international appearance at the Festival de Cannes in France before continuing its journey to Argentina, Austria, Poland and other countries.
The film footage comes from the archives of the Odessa Film Studio. Numerous films were shot here, which shaped the childhood of millions of people. Today the film studio is threatened with destruction by the Russian army. The appropriation of the film material serves to recover the common childhood of the two countries. In an act of collective memory, the video invites the audience to search for their own experiences in these images.
War, peace, pain, and the joy of living are themes that Momen brings back to feel in his music.
Together with the visual work of Eugenia Bakurin, the work opens a cultural and social memory space and creates a great hope for a peaceful future.