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Laurena and Désirée at a MusicBWwomen event at the Reeperbahn Festival

MCI female students publish article on gender equality

24. July 2020

The two students of Music and Creative Industries, Laurena Frey and Désirée Blank, can be happy about their first scientific publication. Their article "Perception of Equality in the Music Industry" was published in the Yearbook of Music Business and Music Culture Research with the title "Music & Empowerment" (Ahlers, M., Grünewald-Schukalla, L., Jóri, A., Schwetter, H. (eds.). On the basis of studies and individual points of view, the authors of the yearbook discuss the strongly focused topics of gender and diversity in music cultures and on the music market.

In their article, which is the result of the study module "Methods" within the Master of Arts Music and Creative Industries, Laurena and Désirée use a survey to investigate the perception of gender equality among actors in the cultural and creative industries in Mannheim and the region. They conclude, among other things, that there are striking differences in the perception of students compared to core workers with regard to gender equality in the music industry. Likewise, differences in perception between men and women - especially with regard to gross annual income - were also found. Thus, the non-representative study provides trends that may provide a basis for further research. Here you can find an insight into the article.

The two students have already dealt with the topic of gender and diversity in the music industry before the publication. In addition to their master's degree, the two and other female students have founded the network MusicBWwomen in 2018. MusicBWwomen's goal is to support women in founding and working in the music industry and to help them gain more visibility. Information about the network's offers and current events can be found on the Facebook page or the website of MusicBWwomen.