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Panic Award 2019 Band 2ERSITZ ©Thorsten Dirr

Live Audition Panic Award

28. July 2021

The six Panic Award 2021 finalists are fixed: MOLA, Ronja Maltzahn, Tyna, Zwo Eins Risiko, Von Welt and Rami Hattab* will play off the winners on July 30 and 31, 2021 at the Popakademie in Mannheim.

"We wanted to set an example with the Panic Award 2021. To encourage young musicians and lyricists not to give up in these difficult times for the cultural scene, which we hope will soon be behind us," says Arno Köster, spokesman and project manager of the Udo Lindenberg Foundation. He emphasises above all the diversity of styles. "It was just as noticeable that the lyrics were more radical, more political, more substantive than in previous years. This shows us that the prize and its philosophy are now recognised and that our message has been received. The standard has never been as high as this year."
Not only the jury expects an extremely exciting final. It will be somewhat different from the competitions before, because for the first time it can be seen as a livestream worldwide on the internet and nationwide on TV. On 31 July 2021 from 8:15 pm, each band will be broadcast live from the Popakademie with three songs. Afterwards, the jury will determine the three winners.

"We are very pleased to give artists the opportunity to perform live with the Panic Award at the Popakademie. Together with our long-term cooperation partner, the Udo Lindenberg Foundation, it is our concern that all finalists receive prize money. Through streaming and a nationwide TV broadcast on open channels, we can make the 2021 award ceremony accessible to a wider audience," says Prof. Udo Dahmen, Artistic Director and Managing Director of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg.
Due to the current situation and as an encouragement for young bands, the Udo Lindenberg Foundation had changed the mode. Instead of prize money of € 2,500.00 for three winners, as in previous years, all six finalists will receive this amount in 2021. "We hope that our artists will be able to compensate for a few small losses," says Köster. The first three will then receive the same amount on top, i.e. 5,000.00 euros each.

The award ceremony will be streamed live on Vimeo:

In addition, the Panic Award stream will be available in cooperation with OK-TV Ludwigshafen
can be received via the following portals:
  • On regional cable TV Ludwigshafen-Frankenthal (DVB-C): on the regional cable network Ludwigshafen on channel 183.
  • HbbTV-capable televisions with active Internet connection - Satellite (DVB-S)
  • Local broadcasting on the Astra satellite system via the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Terrestrial: (DVB-T2-HD) programme "Lokal-TV (connect)" via the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Magenta-TV: IPTV platform Magenta-TV of Deutsche Telekom at programme position 517

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