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Alexander Neipp, Daniel Grunenberg und Steffen Geldner beim FMC 2015

Future Music Camp 16 - 17 May: Call for Speakers

14. February 2019

The Future Music Camp is a conference format that focuses on exciting future topics in the music industry and in which lectures, talks, showcases, discussions and sessions can be held. On the one hand, pioneering thinkers will speak on innovative topics, and on the other, current issues will be presented and discussed in sessions organized by the participants. The tenth Future Music Camp will take place from 16 to 17 May 2019 at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg.

From 16 - 17 May 2019 the tenth Future Music Camp will take place at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg and in the Jungbuschhalle opposite in Mannheim. The focus will again be on selected highlights of the digital music industry. The curated part of the Future Music Camp 2019 will focus on the topics of media, music industry and artificial intelligence. The keynotes will show the extent to which artificial intelligence, data and innovations are currently changing the music and media world: What role does radio play? Which innovations are already in use? How are they being used? How do people discover new music today, and in what form are they determined by algorithms?

For the keynote interview, we look forward to talking to Björn Deparade, manager of Milky Chance among others. Among the keynote speakers 2019 already confirmed are Christian Hufnagel (SWR3), Sammy Andrews (Deviate Digital), Chaz Jenkins (Chartmetric) and Robin Hofmann (HearDis!). Representatives from YouTube and Music Ally will also present keynotes.

In addition to the keynotes curated by the Popakademie there will also be the opportunity to submit sessions as part of the "Call for Speakers" in 2019 All information on this can be found here .

Sessions organized by the participants have always been an integral part of the Future Music Camp. This year we are again looking for topics around the digital music and media industry with a future perspective. This does not necessarily have to be a long prepared lecture or presentation. Whether it is a discussion round, brainstorming or workshop - the format is determined by the session leaders themselves.
As a general rule, the more explicitly the topic is chosen and the more informative the session is for the participants of the Future Music Camp, the higher the chance of being part of the FMC. Examples of topics that have been accepted in recent years include "Song Development in the Age of Streaming", "Wearable AI & Contextual Playlist Generation", "Virtual Reality - The Future of Music Videos?" or "Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies and Blockchain vs. In addition, a design-thinking workshop was also offered, for example, or new types of software and hardware were presented. Topics for sessions can come from all areas of the music and creative industry, e.g. marketing, streaming, AR/VR, web technologies, apps, booking, management etc.
Please note that session topics must have a digital or innovative reference in order to be admitted.
Until April 15, 2019 at 12 noon, there is the opportunity to submit topics for the sessions to the FMC 2019. One week later the sessions that have been accepted will be announced. These sessions will then take place on 16 or 17 May.

In 2019, the FMC will again take place not only in the premises of the Popakademie: The keynotes will be held in the Jungbusch Hall directly opposite the Popakademie. There will be enough seats for all participants.
The registration for the Future Music Camp is free of charge.

The Future Music Camp has two goals: Firstly, exciting topics from the present and future of the music and creative industries are to be presented and discussed, on the one hand with concrete practical relevance, but on the other hand there should also be room for ideas that are currently rather inspiring. Secondly, the FMC is to network. At the FMC, established experts from the industry meet start-ups, founders, students and people interested in music.

The Future Music Camp should always play an innovative and future-oriented role. This is one of the reasons why the FMC, the music industry's first barcamp, was launched in 2009. Right at the beginning, the interaction was to lead to a greater exchange with the audience and not just one-sided lectures. Due to the barcamp character, the FMC was able to benefit from all participants and not only from the invited experts.