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Lovrinovic bei der Präsentation der Studie in Peking

Graduate publishes White Paper on AI

11. October 2019

The consulting agency Gould Finch of Popakademie graduate Colin Lovrinovic has published a white paper on artificial intelligence in the publishing industry in cooperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair. The whitepaper is available as a free download.
On 17 October at 12 noon, Colin Lovrinovic will also present the results of the study at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Hall 4.1).

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already ubiquitous in everyday life, embedded in apps and websites it helps to analyse data, recommend streaming content or create a personalised shopping experience. AI has also long since found its way into the publishing industry. As part of an international survey with participants from 17 countries, Gould Finch and the Frankfurt Book Fair explored the question of what concrete challenges and effects the publishing industry must face in the age of artificial intelligence. To this end, the white paper also presents practical approaches to solving these problems. Popakademie graduate Lovrinovic says: "AI will undoubtedly become a critical success factor for the publishing industry. But: In the near future, the creative minds will not be replaced by machines - it is rather a matter of supporting publishers through clever optimization in such a way that they can strengthen their core business.

Colin Lovrinovic graduated from the Popakademie with a Bachelor's degree in music business and a Master's degree in Music and Creative Industries. He completed his academic merits at the Business School of the University of Mannheim with an MBA. A component of the curriculum in the Master's programme in Music and Creative Industries includes not only music but also other sub-sectors of the creative industries such as the publishing industry. After his master's degree, Lovrinovic first succeeded in establishing contact with a lecturer of the course at the publishing group Bastei Lübbe, where he rose to the position of Head of International Digital Sales. After further stations he finally founded the agency Gould Finch in 2018 with two co-partners.

The results of the study are now available in the white paper "The future significance of AI for the publishing industry" at publishing.gouldfinch.com.