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offen un' ehrlich wins Grimme Preis 2022 © Funk Presse

Popakademie alumni receive Grimme Award

03. June 2022

The YouTube format "offen un' ehrlich" received the Grimme Award 2022. The team of "offen un' ehrlich" includes Raphael Gregotsch, who graduated in Music Business B.A. and Music & Creative Industries M.A. at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, and Marlene Schittenhelm, who was promoted in the 22nd generation of the Bandpool with her project Mele.

In the jury's statement, it says: "The moderation team was already worthy of an award in the magazine's earlier years, but in the meantime 'offen un' ehrlich' is not only at the highest level in terms of content, but also in terms of craftsmanship. The prize goes to Robert Hecklau, Marlene Schittenhelm, Raphael Gregotsch, and Kim Stoppert, and this award is expressly intended to honor the editorial work as well."

"offen un' ehrlich" is a YouTube channel founded in 2016 and which is now a partner of funk, the online media service and content network of ARD and ZDF. The format takes a close look at the content of influencers, as well as large companies on the web, with the aim of uncovering sketchy statements and enlightening its viewers. All of this is done with a lot of humor and under the guiding principle "What would YouTube be like if everyone there was a little more honest?"

Since 1964, the Grimme Prize has been awarded annually to television programs and services that are exemplary and model-like for programming practice. The guiding goal of the television criticism institutionalized in the Grimme Prize is a comprehensive examination of television, which is understood as a central and significant medium with multiple social references and effects.