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Joris © Chris Heidrich

Popakademie graduate takes part in the "Sing meinen Song" TV show

27. April 2021

The eighth season of the TV show "Sing meinen Song" has just started, and this time JORIS, a Popakademie graduate, is also involved. Host Johannes Oerding has invited pop and soul singer Stefanie Heinzmann, rapper Nura, reggae musician Gentleman, Mighty Oaks frontman Ian Hooper, show star DJ Bobo and singer-songwriter JORIS to the swap concert.

In the second episode of the current season, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, 27 April at 8.15 p.m. on VOX, the participants interpret songs by singer-songwriter JORIS. After the show, the documentary "The JORIS Story" gives insights into the life of the artist.

JORIS graduated from the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg with a bachelor's degree in pop music design. In 2014, the artist received a record deal with the music label Four Music, and in 2015 JORIS released his debut album "Hoffnungslos hoffnungsvoll" there. "Schrei es raus" is the title of his second album, which the artist released in 2018. "Welcome Goodbye", his third album, has just been released.

Singer-songwriter JORIS has also already received numerous awards, winning three Echos in 2016. JORIS is managed by "Die Bude", which closes the circle to the Popakademie with music business graduate Felix Mussell, one of the managing directors of "Die Bude".

Sing meinen Song[/LK_N https://www.vox.de/cms/sendungen/sing-meinen-song-das-tauschkonzert.html]" started in 2014 on the private television channel VOX. The show is designed as a swap concert. Seven German-speaking singers from different musical genres interpret the songs of one of the participants in their very own way.