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f.l. Reiner Roon, Elise Henriette Gröblehner, Prof. Udo Dahmen © S. Fournes

Popakademie student receives Lions Club scholarship

28. July 2021

The student Elise Henriette Gröblehner received the scholarship of the Lions Club Mannheim Rosengarten with her project Henny Herz. She is studying for a Master's degree in Popular Music.

The scholarship includes funding of 2,500 euros and is awarded once a year by the Lions Club Mannheim Rosengarten. With this scholarship, the Lions Club supports students of the Pop Academy and thus regularly supports young artists.

Henny Herz is fighting a peaceful battle for analogue beauty and against the digital algorithms of genres, styles and listening habits. She invites us into her very own space. With her debut album BACK INTO SPACE, she takes listeners on a fascinating journey through her peculiar space. Both live and on record, she makes herself heard with her unusual aura and creates a weightless atmosphere.
Henny Herz will perform at the Maifeld Derby Warm Up on 22 August and at the Maifeld Derby from 03 to 05 September in Mannheim.

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