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Popakademie relaunches YouTube channel with portrait film

12. May 2020

With a portrait film about four students, the Popakademie is launching its new YouTube channel. In the 6-minute video, Fine Stammnitz, Philo Tsoungui, Nick Stroppel and Maxi Mayr give insights into their personal and professional development. The title of the film is "Who do you want to be? This is exactly the question many first-year students of the Popakademie ask themselves, for whom their time in Mannheim is often very formative. This is what the film aims to show. And it should show that the Popakademie is a university institution that sees its mission not only in the transfer of mere know-how, but also in the support of the development of the individual personality. Further videos with individual portraits of students and alumni of the Popakademie are already being planned.

What makes the film special is not only its content, but also its production. It was created 100% by alumni of the Popakademie. Co-founder of Gallion Film is the graduate Dominik Meeth, his former fellow student Lena Paul works closely with him there. Gallion Film also produces documentaries about artists like Joris or large projects like the urban development of the former military barracks in Mannheim. The music for the film comes from Popakademie alumni Ziggy Has Ardeur, who has been a successful producer for many years and whose music is also a regular part of Berlin Fashion Week.