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Popakademie concerts can be streamed

Popakademie goes Streaming

21. April 2020

Popakademie sound for home. This week there will be a quadruple on the ears with the Work in Progress Club concert as well as the Bandpool-Dringeblieben sessions the Popakademie can be streamed directly into your living room.

On Wednesday, April 22nd, the first Work in Progress Club of the summer semester and the first WIPC livestream ever will take place. The beats and vibes of the Popakademie artists will come directly from one living room to the other. From 8 pm on, the acts and bands Alexandra Kwast, Ali Cabuk, Liviya, RIIVA, ODBLU, LUENNA, Jesse Tellem and LEOPOLD will stream their performances live via the Popakademie Instagram Channel.

In the last few weeks numerous Bandpool acts have already taken this path on the platform dringeblieben.de and we can look forward to many more concerts: On April 21st the former Bandpool band Fullax as well as Laura Lato from the 21st Bandpool generation will be on the virtual stage. On April 26th there will be a Dringeblieben concert with Daniel Vogrin from the current Bandpool generation. All upcoming dates will be announced via the Bandpool Facebook page and the Instagram channel.

21 April, 6 pm: Bandpool Dringeblieben concert: Fullax
21 April, 7 pm: Bandpool Dringeblieben concert: Laura Lato
22 April, 8 pm: Work in Progress Club concert
April 26: Bandpool Daniel Vogrin