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Popakademie graduates make film about Maifeld Derby

11. June 2021

The film "Von Pony und Dollars" tells the story of the for the time being last Maifeld Derby Festival in 2019 and the subsequent struggle for a new edition for the tenth anniversary. The team of GALLION Film accompanied the organizer and music business graduate Timo Kumpf for a total of two years and now impressively depicts in the finished film the field of tension between cultural aspirations and profitability in which pop culture and music festivals in Germany move.

The film shows moments of happiness, in which the work culminates in a perfect concert moment, but also phases of great challenges. The complete standstill during the Corona pandemic is also thematized. Actors in pop culture report on different perspectives and experiences as creators of culture and their relevance. The focus is also repeatedly on musicians on stage, those working behind the scenes, as well as music journalists and the audience.

With Lena Paul, Aaron Tsangaris and Donni Schoenemond, the production team of "Von Ponys und Dollars" consists entirely of Popakademie graduates. Paul and Tsangaris successfully completed the master's degree program in Music & Creative Industries, Schoenemund the bachelor's degree in Pop Music Design.

In addition to the protagonist Timo Kumpf, numerous other pop academics are also involved, such as Popakademie lecturer Linus Volkmann, artist Antonia Rug with her project NOVAA, David Kirchner with his project Kirchner Hochtief, and Pop Music Design graduate Konstantin Gropper, founder of the band Get Well Soon.

The premiere of "Von Ponys und Dollars" will take place here on Friday, June 11 at 7 pm.

A foretaste in the form of the official trailer can be found here.