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Novaa at a concert in the Popakademie

ARD-Hotlist features three newcomers of the Popakademie

30. January 2019

The Jugendwellen of the ARD (among others DASDING, 1Live, Fritz) and Deutschlandfunk Nova have created a hotlist with the most important newcomer acts for 2019. Among the 16 artists on the Hotlist are BLVTH and Novaa, two names from the Popakademie as well as Rikas, a band of the Bandpool. Experts from the music industry were asked which acts they believe will make the breakthrough this year to create the hotlist.

In addition to BLVTH, Novaa and Rikas, Ace Tee, Amilli, Bengio, BRKN, Kelvyn Colt, Giant Rooks, Malik Harris, Ilira, KitschKrieg, Serious Klein, Mero, Antje Schomaker and Some Sprouts landed on the ARD list of the most promising newcomer acts of 2019.
Novaa studied pop music design at the Popakademie until recently and makes English Indie-Electro-Pop. At the end of last year, she already received the award for "Newcomer of the Year" at the New Music Award of the ARD Youth Waves.
BLVTH also studied pop music design. The singer and producer mixes electro with hip-hop and has already worked with acts like Casper. In February and March he is on tour in Germany.
Rikas are part of the 19th generation of the band pool of the Popakademie. The four guys play a mixture of Indie, Pop and Soul and always sound a bit like California and beach. From February the Stuttgart band will be on Swabian Samba Tour and play many festivals.