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03. May 2022

Broad solidarity alliance organizes musical peace rally on May 8th 2022, starting at 5:00 p.m. in Mannheim, Schlosshof
The alliance SOUND OF PEACE calls together with Mannheim says Yes!, Mannheim Helps Without Borders, students and employees of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg and numerous, well-known musicians, people of public life and civil society to set a sign for peace from Mannheim. They invite people from all over the world to join them in raising their voices for democracy, human rights and peace worldwide.

They all have one unmistakable demand: END THE WAR!
SOUND OF PEACE is a large and international solidarity alliance of artists and cultural workers from different countries, which spontaneously came together immediately after the outbreak of the war of aggression against Ukraine to set a sign for democracy, humanity and a life without violence and war - in Ukraine and everywhere in the world, where people can no longer feel safe in their homeland. The first edition took place in Berlin on March 20th 2022.
MANNHEIM SAGT JA! has been actively working since 2015 to help refugees, against racism, against hatred and incitement, and for social diversity. With events, housing and furniture placement to aid campaigns for children or mask collections in the pandemic for the shelters on the Aegean islands.
MANNHEIM HILFT OHNE GRENZEN is currently active with aid transports to Ukraine and help for refugees from Ukraine in Mannheim.
MANNHEIMER RUNDE supports the SOUND OF PEACE event and collects donations for its fund for refugees regardless of their origin.
On May 8th 2022, the following artists among others will perform live in Mannheim at SOUND OF PEACE starting at 5 p.m. in the Schloss Ehrenhof:
Alina - Aron Pinter - Diane Weigmann - ELIJAH - Hans Söllner - Henning Wehland x Jan Löchel - JoJohannes Falk - Joris - Jonas Monar - Leo Rojas - Lori - Markus Sprengler - Maidline Aurie - Max von Milland - Mijo - Myle - Navka - Nora OG - Sascha Kleinophorst x Sascha Krebs - Staubkind - Söhne Mannheims (Piano) - The Busters - 2Welten - Wally and more.

Speakers include Larissa Bogacheva, Russian peace activist raised in Ukraine, and Alia El Atassi, German-Syrian peace activist, as well as Marina Horst, active in refugee aid and originally from Ukraine.
Tina Babbel (RNF) and Astrid Jacoby (Radio Regenbogen) will guide through the program.
SOUND OF PEACE will be broadcast live on free TV (RNF) and online via stream.
For further information or interview inquiries media partner inside turn please to: Gerhard Fontagnier: gerhard@fontagnier.de 01773389444
With the donations, Mannheim sagt Ja! e.V. will organize the procurement of necessary relief materials in close coordination with the city administration of Chernivtsi and also provide assistance for the refugees from Ukraine arriving in Mannheim. More information: masagtja.de
According to the city administration of Chernivtsi, there have been no direct attacks in the western Ukrainian city so far. However, there is a high influx of refugees from other parts of the country, which the city must prepare for. Materials such as mattresses, tents, blankets and initial medical supplies are therefore urgently needed.
Mannheim says yes! e.V., VR Bank Rhein-Neckar eG, DE16 6709 0000 0091 9753 00, or paypal

Together with the association Mannheim without borders the donations will be used for this purpose: Ukrainehilfe Mannheim

Sound of Peace online presence
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